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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I Use AmberNotes?
    AmberNotes is a useful tool if you have a large document to read and don't have time to waste. Instead of reading pages and pages, and getting frustrated, you can AmberNotes to summarize the document and it can do it mostly under a minute. You can read the summary and decide whether to ask more questions. It just makes life easy and simple
  • What kind of documents can I summarize with AmberNotes?
    For the free version, AmberNotes currently supports PDFs and Microsoft Word documents.
  • How many documents can I upload at a time on AmberNotes? Is there any size limit?
    You can upload one document at a time. Generally, a document that is less than 2MB can be summarized quickly by AmberNotes.
  • Is there any usage limit on AmberNotes?
    AmberNotes does not impose any usage limits. However, we implement a fair usage policy to ensure everyone gets a reasonable chance to use, and user queries do not clog up the system. Fair usage policy limits are set periodically based on several factors including all users' overall usage of the system.
  • Does AmberNotes keep a copy of my documents, summaries or answers to my questions?
    AmberNotes does not keep any copies of your documents, summaries, or answers generated. However, AmberNotes does keep a note of your login details and information like when you logged in, how long you stayed logged in, how many questions you have asked, etc. This information is used by AmberNotes to implement a fair usage of the system and also to make further improvements or enhancements to AmberNotes in future.
  • I have feedback, suggestions, or improvements to suggest. How can I inform AmberNotes about it?
    We welcome all your feedback, comments, suggestions, and improvements. You can provide them using the contacts page.
  • How many questions can I auto-generate on AmberNotes for my document? What can I do with them?
    You can select anywhere between 1 to 10 questions to be autogenerated using AmberNotes. You can copy and paste the questions to get answers from the document. You can also ask your own questions on the document.
  • Are my documents safe and secure?
    AmberNotes does not keep a copy of your documents, summaries, or answers generated for your questions. Your documents are yours and we do not claim any ownership of your documents, nor do we use your documents for any purpose other than providing you with summaries and answers to your questions.
  • Does AmberNotes use other services like OpenAI ChatGPT etc?
    Yes, the Free version of AmberNotes uses third-party services like OpenAI ChatGPT, Meta's Llama, etc. However, we do offer private LLM services where we can fine-tune purpose-specific LLMs for your corporate needs. When we offer such a service, your data/information stays within your systems. This is a paid service. You can write to us using the contact us page and our team will get in touch with you.
  • For how long can I use the free version of AmberNotes?
    AmberNotes is available for free for 30 days from the day you first sign-in. After that, you need to select one of the several paid service options that we offer.
  • I have a question that is different from these. What do I do?
    you can submit your question to us here.
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